Concepts story board and sketching tutorial.

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This is a great way to brain storm a new concept or idea in visual form. The tutorial goes the the various steps that it takes to flesh out an initial idea and present a visual step by step account of how the final piece came about.

Follow the link above for further details.


High Resolution Renders from 5D Planner

Here at last, the option of adding high resolution finishes to your work at a reasonable price. The joy of it is that the initial image need not be created in 5D planner for it to render through it.
One can create the model in an associate program and then just insert the model into 5D Planner and use the "Fine Render" option to achieve stunning results.
You can now have what comes close to a photo realistic finish whilst on the go.

One must bare in mind the fact that importing into 5D Planner is still a finicky process and that objects inside the model may need to be imported separately. Also object placement within the model should be measured using a CAD readable format so that the objects can be repositioned if necessary.
But all in all, I give the new render engine five stars when one considers the fact that it is just an app.

Written by Mr U.Uche

The Beta Editor

Just updated my app, and low and behold I was introduced to a brand new editing tool.

The look and feel:

It's not without it's charm, a handy little tool, but I am not quite sure how it differs from the old one. Perhaps I just need to use it a little longer to figure out what it can and cannot do as far as creative writing is concerned.

All in all, I would say it is a little easier to get one's thoughts down on paper and the HTML raw editing button is a definite plus unlike how it used to be when one had to spend so much time fiddling with the HTML menu that one ended up loosing one's train of thought.
But on the other side of the coin, the older menu had more options for colour and image size editing. I guess one could just type that in using the HTML toggle, but if you don't use raw code everyday you may have to look things up all over again just to remember how to code the paragraph.

Another option is to revisit posts that one has already made and re-use the html!!!

One has an endless stream of possibilities then!!!

by Mr U.Uche

Home Design 3D…

There is only one word for Home Design 3D, and that is…yes you guessed it…AWESOME-TASTIC.

It allows one the feedom to create simple plans and layouts on the fly. You could be sat at home inbetween projects, or you could be on a train and suddenly think of that amazing design solution that has been sitting on the back burnner in your brain for weeks. With this handy but powerful little tool, you can get the idea out and into a 3D format in no-time flat

See examples below:

And what of interiors, you might inquire! 

Interiors also render out with an amazing level of detail that gives even a simple project a professional edge. There are a wide range of props to choose from via imports, and texture editing is also available to bring a project from your minds eye into reality with style.

See  interior images below:

I give this App a wopping great four stars. Why four, because all modern 3D Apps should have DXF and or DWG to AutoCAD export plugins as standard. Alas, this is about the only area where this App falls short of the mark.
Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.  

Touch CAD.

New discoveries: Touch CAD.​

There is a new and easy method of getting all your DXF models on to your mobile devices, with minimal conflict. The App is Touch CAD, and you can get a lot more out of it than you might think at first glance.


This App works seamlessly with PC and Android, but there may be a few issues with DXF file transfer on IOS when one tries to synchronise with Dropbox for external file share. But one can always use android or pc for the transferring rather than deal with the endless headache that comes with IOS file transfer.

That aside, the App has pretty much everything that one could want for creating 2D plans and for viewing 3D object files. I was quite surprised to see how much I could accomplish just using a phablet and stylus.  

Written and edited by Mr U. Uche.

Decision Time!


My take on the trading situation is simple. I think that there will be a great deal of noise about the "Brexit" and the markets might move out of their comfort zones, i.e, t-line period comfort zones, but then things will settle back into the standard rhythm. This of-course accounts for the run up to summer, and bearing in mind that Fibonacci's retracement for all trading charts will alter during the summer months, but when all is said and done, people will remember that currency knows no boarders, and there is always money to be made regardless of the direction that the charts may be moving. Vote stay…vote nay…it makes no difference in the big picture.
People trade with their wallets, note their hearts. That's going to be the way of things when all is said and done.

It's not going to matter one bit either way. And you can take that to the bank. There will be regular updates to my  financial column so keep an eye out for the latest feeds.


Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.

Rediscovering Great Sound.

This is a short story of how I found out all about the joys of Internet radio.
I was creating some new concept art in my studio one fine day and had a little trouble getting my creative juices flowing. As it happens, I decided to browse the App Store to see if I could find a totally unrelated item, and to my surprise, I saw a radio App. I clicked on it and in no time flat, I found myself transported to a new world of funkaliciously groovy beats. I wondered to myself, ” Amazing jams, where have you been all my life.”
To be fair, I must admit, I was aware of the fact that there are quite a few radio apps out there, I just have neither had the time, nor the inclination to actually use one while I was working. 

Now that I know how much improvement there has been, with respect to the variety of music that one can get, I think that I will use the App  a lot more often.

Great Music For Designing.


Some of my new concept designs were concepts that I thought up whilst listening to the “Ocean Radio Chilled” station.

You know how it goes, you have entered a design competition, you are having trouble thinking of an original design, you are staring at a blank canvas…well a blank digital canvas anyway, and you require inspiration. You had told yourself that you will not spend the day talking to people on FaceBook or Twitter, and then you switch on the radio. 

Eureka!! The design is born.

Oh and they also have awesome Drum N Bass stations.

Written and edited by Mr U.Uche

It is with heavy heart that I…

It is with heavy heart that I make these frank admissions.
The Back Story:
Four Score and seven blogs ago, I took it upon myself to write about my experiences in Google Chrome. I wrote long, I wrote hard, and I must say it was good. I nattered on about the 3D experience one can enjoy in the Chrome browser and the sketch book platforms available.
But whilst typing away upon the keys, the thought occurred to me that I had omitted one awesome-tastick part of the browser…..the program that I was writing the blog in!!!! 😀
Rewind the script….Set The Scene: Uh-Um!
(Throat clear, speak clearly and enunciate. If I were approaching a podium, walk heal to toe…)
The Review:
WordPress is one Awesome-Tastick Content Management System available as a stand alone program, as an App or indeed as part of Google Chrome.
One can grasp the in's and out's of WordPress in a very short time frame, and it is a fast method of getting what you have to say out to the rest of the world, in a professional, styled, fresh and retro format.
I give the App five stars.

Move over Broadsheet News Column editors, the secret is out!!!! 😀
Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.

Why oh why does Apple Iphone…

Why oh why does Apple Iphone make external USB storage so problematic.
Before I say any more, I shall set the scene for my loyal readers.
THE SCENE: A humble Android addict walks into a shop to see a man about an upgrade. He is android in his heart, he knows it, he feels it, so he asks for the next android phablet in the range. The man behind the counter tells him what offers are available and tries to make him see that Iphone have really come up with something great this time. The Android Addict (We shall call him AA2) mulls over the goods in the store, and realizes that this whole Iphone 6Plus malachi might have some credence to it.
He endeavours to discover all there is to know about this heathen tool that he has heard of only in hushed whispers at android after hours parties. To his surprise, it would appear that this one tool may be worth his coinage, his time, the journey there and taking the time to talk to the general public! And making small talk with the public is not something AAs are known for. “EEGAD my good man” AA2 exclaimed proudly, I think I have found my new mobile experience. But stop a moment, wait a second… there was one final check box every AA must consider. Does ye heathen tool allow USB-eth transfer-eth? Nay say-eth ye sales man…a thousand times Nay ye humble AA2.
AAAAAHHHHH……….WHY????? Tis the way of the “I crowd”. Ye may use-eth ye Dropbox. Ye who use-eth Dropbox say it is almost as good as the real thing….just like using your local drive kind Sir!
Response: Do not toy with me my good man!
AA2 walk-eth away. Oh the pain!

Written and edited by Mr U. Uche.

My Chrome Book Experience.

23/12/15. 17:30.

Considering the fact that I have had Google Chrome for about a year and a half, I was surprised that I had not looked deeper into the inner workings of the App, and astonished at amount of improvements that the Google Chrome Team had accomplished. 

The worst part of it is that, I really have no viable excuse to have not used such a great app at it’s full potential for this long. When I say I have no excuse, what I mean is that I attended the Computer Cloud conference in Earls Court London, and was given a full presentation by Google’s sales and Marketing representative, and even shown the Chrome Book before it was released, but as it happens, I got side tracked with other design projects (As one does these days) and left the whole conference in the back of my mind up until this week, when it all came back to me.

The App: It Is Amazing!

From Graphics and User interface, To individual Sub-menu functionality. You could quite literally turn an old net book into something of true quality with Chrome and all it’s various bits and bobs.  I LIKE IT! Wohoo.

But stop…wait…hold on a second….bet you were wondering why the title says uz3dinteriors!

Some of the 3D plugin Applications are good enough to publish on main stream platforms or in a CV.

More to come, complete with working  3D sample files so stay tuned.

24/12/15. 15:18.

As I said yesterday, there is a lot more to Chrome than one might suspect at first glance. For a year and a half I was using Chrome as a standard browser for it’s Developer options, mainly the CSS property window. 

Using Chrome Apps is a bit of a new thing for me, but the fact that it has uncanny Android similarities, makes it the browser of choice for me. Not to say that the Dot Net functionality  of Internet Explorer has gone unnoticed by me or anything like that, I just think that the Google team  have made vast improvements to their platform.

Check out some of my first attempts in the App using the links provided below.

More to come.

Until then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be sure to stuff yourselves with loads of Christmas turkey, I know I will. See you in 2016.

Floor Plan My first attempts

30\12\15. 17:21.

More on Chrome Apps.

Sketchpad 3.5 ★★★★

Tried Sketchpad 3.5 today, and I have to admit, it isn’t bad for an online app. The joy of it is that one can also use it offline.  As there are several art apps out there,  what I think makes this one stand out is how easy it is to learn it’s user interface.  Even if one isn’t a technology wizard,  getting the basics on board with this app takes minutes rather than hours.  A stylus is still a must for more professional artistry,  but for a quick sketch a mouse would be fine or a finger if touchscreen options are available on the device being used.  The only drawback that I can see is that the app saves files in it’s own format,  rather than pdf, bitmap or the most common jpeg format. One can run the saved file through Google’s file converter online, but that does require internet connection. This of course means that a crucial part of the app is internet dependant so don’t use it on the underground or you won’t be able to edit your work in another program while creating new content.

Having said that, I still give the app a four star rating for user the interface,  the app’s versatility and the innovative approach  in which the Chrome Team have fused together art with technology.

Site Logo chrome reflective 010 2copy.pngUZ3D2

Written and Edited by Mr U.Uche.