My Chrome Book Experience.

23/12/15. 17:30.

Considering the fact that I have had Google Chrome for about a year and a half, I was surprised that I had not looked deeper into the inner workings of the App, and astonished at amount of improvements that the Google Chrome Team had accomplished. 

The worst part of it is that, I really have no viable excuse to have not used such a great app at it’s full potential for this long. When I say I have no excuse, what I mean is that I attended the Computer Cloud conference in Earls Court London, and was given a full presentation by Google’s sales and Marketing representative, and even shown the Chrome Book before it was released, but as it happens, I got side tracked with other design projects (As one does these days) and left the whole conference in the back of my mind up until this week, when it all came back to me.

The App: It Is Amazing!

From Graphics and User interface, To individual Sub-menu functionality. You could quite literally turn an old net book into something of true quality with Chrome and all it’s various bits and bobs.  I LIKE IT! Wohoo.

But stop…wait…hold on a second….bet you were wondering why the title says uz3dinteriors!

Some of the 3D plugin Applications are good enough to publish on main stream platforms or in a CV.

More to come, complete with working  3D sample files so stay tuned.

24/12/15. 15:18.

As I said yesterday, there is a lot more to Chrome than one might suspect at first glance. For a year and a half I was using Chrome as a standard browser for it’s Developer options, mainly the CSS property window. 

Using Chrome Apps is a bit of a new thing for me, but the fact that it has uncanny Android similarities, makes it the browser of choice for me. Not to say that the Dot Net functionality  of Internet Explorer has gone unnoticed by me or anything like that, I just think that the Google team  have made vast improvements to their platform.

Check out some of my first attempts in the App using the links provided below.

More to come.

Until then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be sure to stuff yourselves with loads of Christmas turkey, I know I will. See you in 2016.

Floor Plan My first attempts

30\12\15. 17:21.

More on Chrome Apps.

Sketchpad 3.5 ★★★★

Tried Sketchpad 3.5 today, and I have to admit, it isn’t bad for an online app. The joy of it is that one can also use it offline.  As there are several art apps out there,  what I think makes this one stand out is how easy it is to learn it’s user interface.  Even if one isn’t a technology wizard,  getting the basics on board with this app takes minutes rather than hours.  A stylus is still a must for more professional artistry,  but for a quick sketch a mouse would be fine or a finger if touchscreen options are available on the device being used.  The only drawback that I can see is that the app saves files in it’s own format,  rather than pdf, bitmap or the most common jpeg format. One can run the saved file through Google’s file converter online, but that does require internet connection. This of course means that a crucial part of the app is internet dependant so don’t use it on the underground or you won’t be able to edit your work in another program while creating new content.

Having said that, I still give the app a four star rating for user the interface,  the app’s versatility and the innovative approach  in which the Chrome Team have fused together art with technology.

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Written and Edited by Mr U.Uche.