It is with heavy heart that I…

It is with heavy heart that I make these frank admissions.
The Back Story:
Four Score and seven blogs ago, I took it upon myself to write about my experiences in Google Chrome. I wrote long, I wrote hard, and I must say it was good. I nattered on about the 3D experience one can enjoy in the Chrome browser and the sketch book platforms available.
But whilst typing away upon the keys, the thought occurred to me that I had omitted one awesome-tastick part of the browser…..the program that I was writing the blog in!!!! 😀
Rewind the script….Set The Scene: Uh-Um!
(Throat clear, speak clearly and enunciate. If I were approaching a podium, walk heal to toe…)
The Review:
WordPress is one Awesome-Tastick Content Management System available as a stand alone program, as an App or indeed as part of Google Chrome.
One can grasp the in's and out's of WordPress in a very short time frame, and it is a fast method of getting what you have to say out to the rest of the world, in a professional, styled, fresh and retro format.
I give the App five stars.

Move over Broadsheet News Column editors, the secret is out!!!! 😀
Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.

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