Decision Time!


My take on the trading situation is simple. I think that there will be a great deal of noise about the "Brexit" and the markets might move out of their comfort zones, i.e, t-line period comfort zones, but then things will settle back into the standard rhythm. This of-course accounts for the run up to summer, and bearing in mind that Fibonacci's retracement for all trading charts will alter during the summer months, but when all is said and done, people will remember that currency knows no boarders, and there is always money to be made regardless of the direction that the charts may be moving. Vote stay…vote nay…it makes no difference in the big picture.
People trade with their wallets, note their hearts. That's going to be the way of things when all is said and done.

It's not going to matter one bit either way. And you can take that to the bank. There will be regular updates to my  financial column so keep an eye out for the latest feeds.


Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.


Rediscovering Great Sound.

This is a short story of how I found out all about the joys of Internet radio.
I was creating some new concept art in my studio one fine day and had a little trouble getting my creative juices flowing. As it happens, I decided to browse the App Store to see if I could find a totally unrelated item, and to my surprise, I saw a radio App. I clicked on it and in no time flat, I found myself transported to a new world of funkaliciously groovy beats. I wondered to myself, ” Amazing jams, where have you been all my life.”
To be fair, I must admit, I was aware of the fact that there are quite a few radio apps out there, I just have neither had the time, nor the inclination to actually use one while I was working. 

Now that I know how much improvement there has been, with respect to the variety of music that one can get, I think that I will use the App  a lot more often.

Great Music For Designing.


Some of my new concept designs were concepts that I thought up whilst listening to the “Ocean Radio Chilled” station.

You know how it goes, you have entered a design competition, you are having trouble thinking of an original design, you are staring at a blank canvas…well a blank digital canvas anyway, and you require inspiration. You had told yourself that you will not spend the day talking to people on FaceBook or Twitter, and then you switch on the radio. 

Eureka!! The design is born.

Oh and they also have awesome Drum N Bass stations.

Written and edited by Mr U.Uche