Home Design 3D…

There is only one word for Home Design 3D, and that is…yes you guessed it…AWESOME-TASTIC.

It allows one the feedom to create simple plans and layouts on the fly. You could be sat at home inbetween projects, or you could be on a train and suddenly think of that amazing design solution that has been sitting on the back burnner in your brain for weeks. With this handy but powerful little tool, you can get the idea out and into a 3D format in no-time flat

See examples below:

And what of interiors, you might inquire! 

Interiors also render out with an amazing level of detail that gives even a simple project a professional edge. There are a wide range of props to choose from via imports, and texture editing is also available to bring a project from your minds eye into reality with style.

See  interior images below:

I give this App a wopping great four stars. Why four, because all modern 3D Apps should have DXF and or DWG to AutoCAD export plugins as standard. Alas, this is about the only area where this App falls short of the mark.
Written and edited by Mr U.Uche.  


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