High Resolution Renders from 5D Planner

Here at last, the option of adding high resolution finishes to your work at a reasonable price. The joy of it is that the initial image need not be created in 5D planner for it to render through it.
One can create the model in an associate program and then just insert the model into 5D Planner and use the "Fine Render" option to achieve stunning results.
You can now have what comes close to a photo realistic finish whilst on the go.

One must bare in mind the fact that importing into 5D Planner is still a finicky process and that objects inside the model may need to be imported separately. Also object placement within the model should be measured using a CAD readable format so that the objects can be repositioned if necessary.
But all in all, I give the new render engine five stars when one considers the fact that it is just an app.

Written by Mr U.Uche

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