That Bolt of Inspiration!

Ever found yourself wondering why you haven’t created anything new for some time. Not to say that you have not designed anything, but that your designs tended to be part of projects for clients who were paying as opposed to creating from the heart and getting paid to do so.
Ah yes, the age-old holy grail for designers, to create from the heart and get paid while doing so. One can only assume that things of this nature happen quite rarely because no one knows for sure exactly when their next project will be or even where it will be, and not knowing how much it will pay does add to the decision making process.

So we end up taking on side projects to ensure that we do not fall below a minimum income amount and find that the process of doing so takes us away from our main goal, that being to design what we enjoy the most and get maximum financial value for it.

Costs of Remaining Current in the Industry.

What does it all cost when all is said and done? To address this figure one would first need to address the shift in price structure that most companies have moved to.
In days gone by, one would purchase a piece of software or hardware as a standalone purchase which had the entire cost in the purchase price.
Now that most companies are moving to monthly payment plans, one finds that even the most useless piece of software can end up costing an unrealistic amount.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can now find developers who are so enraged about the unfair price plans that are available for software that they have started introducing affordable packages for designers who don’t have an unlimited budget.

Well for image editing there are already plenty of alternatives to the recognized industry giants.
I am talking about companies like Adobe, who would like us to pay on average about £260.00 per year forever. This is almost like holding designers to ransom as they are forced to pay because clients won’t accept projects created in anything else, until about six months ago!
Enter Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, the latest software companies to challenge Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
These reasonably priced packages are stand-alone purchases that give the power of presentation and creativity back to the designer. They have condensed the package into the most used elements of Adobe which does not just save on cost, but on space on your HD as well. By cutting out the least used plugins and add-ons, the user is left with  a streamlined, affordable, user friendly package that runs on multiple platforms.


These images were edited in Affinity photo. I did not add any filters that would give the image an obvious photo edited look, but what I chose to do in this instance was give the impression that the image had just been rendered out of the 3D package in which it was created.


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