Why oh why does Apple Iphone…

Why oh why does Apple Iphone make external USB storage so problematic.
Before I say any more, I shall set the scene for my loyal readers.
THE SCENE: A humble Android addict walks into a shop to see a man about an upgrade. He is android in his heart, he knows it, he feels it, so he asks for the next android phablet in the range. The man behind the counter tells him what offers are available and tries to make him see that Iphone have really come up with something great this time. The Android Addict (We shall call him AA2) mulls over the goods in the store, and realizes that this whole Iphone 6Plus malachi might have some credence to it.
He endeavours to discover all there is to know about this heathen tool that he has heard of only in hushed whispers at android after hours parties. To his surprise, it would appear that this one tool may be worth his coinage, his time, the journey there and taking the time to talk to the general public! And making small talk with the public is not something AAs are known for. “EEGAD my good man” AA2 exclaimed proudly, I think I have found my new mobile experience. But stop a moment, wait a second… there was one final check box every AA must consider. Does ye heathen tool allow USB-eth transfer-eth? Nay say-eth ye sales man…a thousand times Nay ye humble AA2.
AAAAAHHHHH……….WHY????? Tis the way of the “I crowd”. Ye may use-eth ye Dropbox. Ye who use-eth Dropbox say it is almost as good as the real thing….just like using your local drive kind Sir!
Response: Do not toy with me my good man!
AA2 walk-eth away. Oh the pain!

Written and edited by Mr U. Uche.